The COMPASS Technology in a Nutshell

The target of our research is the integration of well-founded engineering notations, methods and tools to support developers in building models of SoSs and analysing the global SoS-level properties of these models. These integrated techniques are intended to allow the comparison of alternative architectures and allocations of responsibilities to constituent subsystems.

It is vital that the techniques we develop are accessible to a wide range of developers, so they must provide different levels of description, starting with a graphical view in a notation such as SysML that is easy for stakeholders to understand. We plan to extend SysML and link it to an underlying formal notation, built from established formalisms, extended with SoS-specific aspects. This level will be accessible to stakeholders trained in the formal notation, which we call the COMPASS Modelling Language (CML). CML's formality means that many kinds of analysis can be conducted and some will also be presentable at the SysML level. The overall approach is presented in the diagram below. Note that CML extensions could be developed for other modelling languages, not only SysML.

We intend to develop tools will allow users to operate either at the SysML graphical level or at the textual CML level, or at a combination of these, since there will be support for moving between these views.