COMPASS Interest Group

Forthcoming Events

The COMPASS CIG Challenge Workshop will take place on 16th September at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt hotel in London.
The workshop features the application of the COMPASS approach to challenge problems in Energy Management and Traffic Control, together with an invited talk on experience with application of Formal Methods in Aviation Systems of Systems, from Rockwell Collins, and an overview of the COMPASS Approach using demonstrations of the COMPASS tools to modeling, simulation, fault modeling and testing.

CIG Workshop Programme

The CIG Workshop is an event exclusively for CIG members. Please see below for further details and information on joining the COMPASS Interest Group.


The CIG Workshop will be the first part of a combined event in conjunction with the COMPASS Summer School, taking place at the same premises on 17th and 18th September. The Summer School is an opportunity to receive training in the COMPASS methods and tools, and will include guidelines for architectural SoS modelling, SysML, CML, the Symphony tool, Model checking and validation.
CIG members are welcome to attend one or both days of the Summer School.


Past Events

The second COMPASS Interest Group workshop took place on Wednesday 15 January 2014, at Schiphol, Amsterdam. The workshop focussed on the COMPASS Case Studies.

The programme for the workshop included an introduction to the COMPASS technologies (Model-Based Systems Engineering, CML, COMPASS Tools) and an outline of progress in applying the technologies to SoS case studies. Copies of workshop presentations will be available from this page soon.

The first COMPASS Interest Group workshop took place on Wednesday 22 May 2013, in Bristol, UK. The workshop programme included presentations and demonstrations of COMPASS methods and tools, with application to Systems of Systems challenges. Titles of talks include:

  • Systems of Systems Challenges and the COMPASS tools
  • Model-based Requirements Engineering for Systems of Systems
  • Introducing the COMPASS Modelling Language
  • Advanced Model-Based Testing With RT-Tester and Artisan Studio
  • CIG working session: an invitation to discuss SoS issues, experience, challenges, case studies

The workshop is summarised in a report available as a public deliverable here.


While the COMPASS consortium will undertake the innovation and prototyping work in the project, an essential part of the project will be guidance, advice and evaluation from interested external observers. We call this the COMPASS Interest Group (CIG).

This group will monitor the COMPASS project via regular newsletters and workshops during the project, in which:

  • The project's progress is reported and demonstrated by members of the research team;
  • Feedback and advice on strategy is given by the CIG members;
  • Solutions for challenges submitted prior to the workshop to the COMPASS experts are presented;
  • CIG members will have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, and to exchange best practice and assessments of the state of the art;
  • Possibilities for further collaboration / information exchange are discussed.


CIG members will propose SoS Engineering challenge problems from their domain. The COMPASS partners will tackle these problems using the emerging COMPASS technology.

Other benefits for CIG members are timely updates on the work in COMPASS, access to white papers, webinars and other materials produced during the project, and a direct influence on the course of the project via feedback and advice.

Current members

Confirmed Interest Group members include:

Membership application form

To apply for membership of the CIG, please complete the application form and return it to Steve Riddle (contact details below).

Further details

For further details and information on joining the COMPASS Interest Group, contact Steve Riddle (, +44 191 222 5156).