COMPASS Newsletters

Newsletter 1

Newsletter 1: May 2012

An Introduction to COMPASS;The First Six Months; Upcoming Conferences and Workshops; Meet the Partners: Bang & Olufsen; The COMPASS Interest Group

Newsletter 2

Newsletter 2: November 2012

CML Tool Initial Release; Project Update; Upcoming Conferences and Workshops; Public Deliverables; The COMPASS Interest Group

Newsletter 3

Newsletter 3: May 2013

Smart Grid Challenge Problem; Project Update; Model-Based System Engineering; COMPASS Interest Group workshop

Newsletter 4

Newsletter 4: November 2013

Introducing the Symphony Tool; Collaboration Experiment; Reports from Overture, CIG and INCOSE workshops

Newsletter 4

Newsletter 4: July 2014

The COMPASS Summer School, Project update and reports from EDSoS, INCOSE